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We don't have Balls, but we know how to cover them!!!
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Location: Las Vegas
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by GirlChatSports
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August 09, 2017 11:53 PM PDT

FOOTBALL IS BACK and the ladies are BEYOND excited to talk football with guest Erika Fernandez @CurlsandSports

Erika is all things New York sports and we hear how this woman has already started making name for herself in the sports world as CurlsAndSports. Reporting for Black Sports Online and 1340am Fox Sports, Erika has been able to interview some amazingly athletes like Simone Biles, Jimmy Butler, Demarcus Ware, Aaron Gordon, Jalen Rose, He Hate Me and Carmelo Anthony! Living life in NYC comes with it’s struggles as a “former” Knicks fan, a life long baseball fan for the Mets…but this lovely lady will cheer for all NY teams when it comes down to the line. NY against everybody!!! Her YouTube channel/videos also have a great following and her take on the Crying Jordan meme is hilarious …find out on this episode who gets that award.

And without further ado, hosts Melissa and Steph FINALLY get to jump right into the 2017-18 NFL Season. With Training camp having just kicked up, the Hall of Fame Game wrapping up with Steph’s Cowboys winning in “Patriot Fashion” and both the Cowboy and Seahawks getting a member inducted into the class of 2017 HOF…it proves to be an exciting episode recapping the last couple weeks. Melissa ACTUALLY gives some props to a couple members of the Cowboys team too (don’t worry, Hell hasn’t frozen over just yet). The ladies also discuss Steph’s recent travels to Atlanta and the memorizing Mercedes Benz Stadium and Melissa’s upcoming “Sports Trip” back home to Seattle to see the Seahawks vs. Vikings preseason game, Big 3 playoffs and her first ever LIVE Soccer game with MLS raining champs, Seattle Sounders.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the GirlChatSports iTunes podcast, YouTube channel and Podomatic station. Share, Like and Comment to support the ladies!!!

#girlchatsports #curlsandsports #NYC #Knicks #Mets #yankees #AaronJudge #MercedesBenzStadium #JalenRose #HeHateMe #SimoneBiles #NYGiants #NYJets #Seattle #SeattleSeahawks #Atlanta #DallasCowboys #seattlesounders #Big3 #ClaressaShields #FlintMichigan #DetroitMichigan #Youtube #Instagram #Twitter #HOF #HallOfFameGame #JerryJones #KennyEasley #RicoGathers #Baylor #KamChancellor #Madden2018 #RussellWilson #JimmyGraham #MarshawnLynch #OaklandRaiders #LasVegas #HardKnocks #TampaBayBuccaneers #HBO #LaVarBall #MichaelJordan #CryingJordan #FantasyFootball #AustinSeferianJenkins #GiancarloStanton #HRs #Footballisback #Girlswholovefootball #girlswholovesports #SportsTalk #Podcasters #SportsJournalist

July 27, 2017 12:18 AM PDT

This episode is packed with ladies talking sports, and how could you not love that? The ladies Steph and Melissa are joined by Blythe Brumleve, found of GuysGirl. We learn how young Blythe had a favorite 4-letter word (rhymes with bit) were the start of something special…her LOVE for sports. A long time Jacksonville Jaguars football fan, Blythe explains wanting a clothing line for female fans, and how that turned into a blog, into a gig at the radio station, talking pre-game for the Jacksonville Jaguars and helping ignite the community of women who know sports, talk sports, and want to learn and thrive in sports based media. A true inspiration to the ladies of Girlchatsports!

The ladies also address the “unlucky” Lucky Whitehead, and the “needs to sit his but down” Ezekiel Elliot, what Dallas Cowboy actually is given credit by Melissa (yes it was painful for her to admit). Also NBA, guess who is living it up “working” out in Vegas…and wondering if the pool at Drais counts as “workout”. Las Vegas adds another sports team to the City of Sin, coming 2018. And the ladies share a few Oooooh and Ahhhhhh moments.
#girlchatsports #guysgirl #blythebrumleve #sportsmedia #sportstalk #womeninsports #JacksonvilleJaguars #Football #IsitFootballSeasonYet #Vegas #Futbol #USLsoccer #LeBron #DWade #LuckyWhitehead #EzekielElliot #JerryJones #DallasCowboys #radio #womenonradio #sportsblog #womenwholovefootball #girlslovefootballtoo #SinCity #YouthFootballCamp #youthfootball #ballers #GOT #HBO #HardKnocks #100waysnonprofit #futurepro5tour

July 13, 2017 12:15 AM PDT

The Ladies are CELEBRATING their 50th Episode!!! Such an amazing time through all of the podcasts with some great guests. Today, why not celebrate it with the one and only, Palmer Alexander, @thelegendkil, from N The Zone Show and N The Zone Network. Palmer lays down what’s going on with N The Zone, the upcoming projects, some of the other shows on the network and does what he does best…talk sports smack with the ladies! lol There is never a loss for words when chatting it up with Palmer, and always plenty of laughs. We get his take on the NBA, Summer League, MLB and NFL, and of course comfort him with the still all too recent loss of the St. Louis Rams.

Steph and Melissa LITERALLY are counting the days down tell football is back…preseason, practices, the show Hard Knocks…ANYTHING football they are eager anticipating. Until then Melissa has a break down of the MLB Home Run Derby and All-Star game, the ladies finally agree on both liking Aaron Judge and the excitement he brings to the game. Steph gives her “Laker Love” segment along with some updates and overview of NBA Summer League so far here in Las Vegas.

Over all this is a great fun episode, celebrating the big 5-0! And you’ll get to hear how Melissa crush on Kendall Gill started…and some slightly stalker-ish tactics as a young girl LOL!

#girlchatsports #MLB #HomeRunDerby #AllStarGame #AaronJudge #CodyBellinger #NYyankees #FloridaMarlins #RobinsonCano #MVP #NBA #NBASummerLeague #LonzoBall #MarkelleFultz #Lakers #76rs #Celtics #ThomasandMac #CoxPavillion #NFL #ESPYs #ESPYawards #PeytonManning #girlswholovefootball #isitfootballseasonyet #podcast #sportstalk #womeninsports

June 29, 2017 01:27 AM PDT

The ladies of Girlchatsports had the pleasure of speaking with the Co-Founders of Minorities In Sports Business Network ( @MiSportsBiz ), Shaina Wiel and Candice Haynes. The ladies provided a history of MiS, how it started, its purpose and its members. Their mission is to provide and be the premier space for resources, connections, and collaborations that heighten the success of minorities in the Sports Industry. You can catch these ladies and many of their members at events all over the country like Nascar, All-Star Weekend, Final Four, Big3, numerous other professional sporting events...while also speaking at engagements and providing mentor and fellowship to community members. These women and their members provide a great community of support for other Minorities in Sports while providing a great place to share contacts, work on connections and provide the necessary tools to encourage success in all of its members.

Now getting to that topic of Sports, Candice shares her 29yr relationship gone bad with the NY Knicks, and her take on Phil Jackson and the Knicks parting ways. Steph and Melissa, having been at the Big3 draft, were anxious to hear from Shaina on being live at the inaugural Big3 game this past weekend in NY...however the group quickly discussed the poor set up and execution of how the games were televised, recorded and marketed.

Melissa, of course, gives her usual wit and humor/one liners during the sports review at the start of the podcast and the ladies enjoy a quick "Vegas Sports" update...boy has Las Vegas come a long way in having sports news to report! And boy how about those moves in the NBA, between the draft, free agency and trades...this is definitely going to be an interesting off season.

#girlchatsports #MiSportsBiz #MinoritiesInSports #podcast #femalepodasters #femalefans #marketing #business #SportsManagement #NY #NYKnicks #PhilJackson #Big3 #AI #LavarBall #LonzoBall #NBADraft #ClintonPortis #CharlieSheen #WNBA #NBA #NFL #MLB #TimTebow #AaronJudge #NYYankees #TomBrady #LasVegasGoldenKnights #Hockey #Raiders #Raidernation #DerekCarr #CP3 #HoustonRockets #JamesHarden

June 14, 2017 10:46 PM PDT

We are BACK!! Man it feels like forever…but here we are with episode 48, Steph and Melissa took a little time off to see some sites, work a little extra and visit with friends and family…time off well spent, but SUPER excited to be back talkin’ sports! Today we have guest Jessica Ng @thugpowchicken on, she is one BAD ASS female hockey player…she gives us some “Hockey 101” basic terms and knowledge and answers our questions! How many teeth is Jessica missing? What position did she play the most, and how did the guys act with her as the only female on the team? She is an amazing women, from ice skating lessons in Hong Kong, to Collegiate women’s hockey team at the University of British Colombia.

With Jessica’s help, we talk about the upcoming NHL Expansion Draft here in Las Vegas for the Golden Knights, talk some rules or lack there of, and wonder what may be in store for the new Hockey Town of Vegas!

And it wouldn’t be a GirlChatSports podcast with out the discussion of Football….…of course Seahawks and Cowboys are discussed as well as a few moves. However the big discussion would be the NBA Finals, the lack of competition for the SUPER teams and the Kardashian Curse strikes again! 0_0

It’s time for us to start enjoying some more NHL, WNBA and shoot even Soccer and FIFA qualifiers!!! Time to buckle down…wait how many more days tell football season? #askingforafriend

#girlchatsports #hockey #goalie #NHL #ExpansionDraft #lasVegasGoldenKnights #NHLawards #femaleathletes #Femalefans #womanshockey #playingwiththeguys #playlikeagirl #eddielacy #seahawks #cowboys #dakprescott #lebronjames #LavarBall #LonzoBall #Lakers #Celtics #MarkelleFultz #Mayweather #McGregor #mma #boxing #beccalongo #kicker #UWHuskies #GonzalezTwins #NahziahCarter #AaronJudge #NYYankees #Warriors #Cavaliers #NBAFinals

May 03, 2017 10:34 PM PDT

The Ladies are always excited about having fellow sports fan females on the show, and this episode is no different! Nicole "Nik" Powell joins us, reppin' the NYC and talking her love of sports and where her passion all began...not to mention what it feels like to be in front of an audience/arena of thousands!!!
The sports and fitness blogger, self-proclaimed "Greatest Couch Color Commentator no one has ever heard of" chats it up with the ladies about the big BIG3 draft weekend, the upcoming WNBA season and who her picks are for NBA Champion and League MVP.
And Steph and Melissa round out the show with more Cowboys and Seahawks team info, NFL Draft day and how many draft picks Melissa actually sat through...here's a hint...ALL OF THEM. And the ladies share some heartfelt and interesting OOOOHs and AHHHHHs.

Check it out, Share, Like, Comment and Follow!
#girlchatsports #thesportystyle #NicolePowell #NYC #Seattle #NBA #WNBA #KelseyPlum #IsaiahThomas #UWHuskies #Knicks #Liberty #Brooklyn #JerseyGirl #Big3 #Big3Draft #AllenIverson #IceCube #NFLDraft #JohnRoss #BuddaBaker #Seahawks #Cowboys #LaVarBall #NBAPlayoffs #LasVegasRaiders #AdrianPeterson #JamalCharles #MarshawnLynch

April 19, 2017 11:43 PM PDT

In this Episode the ladies take small break from guests and have the show to themselves. The ladies take a look back at all the guests that have made 2017 a great year for Girl Chat Sports and all the new connections, friends and network of fabulous people!!! We hope to have each and everyone of you back again soon!!!
Melissa is about to burst, the NFL regular season schedule is released Thursday at 5pm PST, and she is ready to start those plans for 2017-18 seasons games!! Steph gives us a NHL breakdown…as who would have guessed, its also playoff time for Hockey too!! Time to start learning and brushing up on the stick & puck so the ladies are ready for the Golden Knights here in Vegas this fall.

Raiders are set for Las Vegas, and we discuss more updates on the Black and Silver and their new acquire, Mr. Bestmode himself…looks like Melissa may have one black and silver item in her closet…maybe…

Some sad news in sports regarding Chyna Thomas, Isaiah’s Thomas sister, and how that may play a role in the Celtics 0-2 deficit to the Chicago Bulls. The ladies speak NBA Playoffs as well, some great performances and some memorable bloopers. Also we talk Aaron Hernandez…and how things change in a matter of days. Also, in Ugly news the Patriots had their visit to the white house, and wouldn’t you know those in attendance went down about 50% since their trip in 2015…hmmmm…wonder why…and the good news, Ms. Serena Williams and finance are expecting…get Melissa’s take on the “leaked picture” announcing her bundle of joy.

April 06, 2017 12:12 AM PDT

The ladies really enjoyed Episode 45 with Special Guest Natasha Gransberry. Its rare to find women that enjoy sports, let alone talk sports and TRAVEL for sports. Natasha does that and more!!! She is a die hard Houston Texans fan and founded theGransberry.com to have a place to bring Sports, Food and Fun and everything in between, while encouraging travel and new experiences both in the Sports arena and off.

Natasha started PumpCleatsCouture as a fashionable place for sports talk mixing the best of fashion and sports! As women sports fans that have always found it hard to “hang with the guys” or have to constantly battle with the guys when in comes to sports discussions and groups, it was refreshing for Melissa and Steph to talk to someone with the same Passion and Love of Sports.

That love and want to be able to share with other women and help encourage and teach them about the sport, led to Natasha writing, The Gransberry’s Gridiron Guide, where she helps explain the basics of football, rules, calls and terminology while also helping women with basic questions like traveling to games, the ins and outs of attending a live game and where to locate and purchase tickets.

We are telling you this is ONE EPISODE you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!!

The ladies also discuss the Las Vegas Raiders, Marshawn Lynch making a un-retiring, Tony Romo Retiring, how the NCAA Championships went, who is up for NBA MVP and the start of baseball season has begun. Along with the OOOH and AAHHH news for this episode.

Don’t forget GirlChatSports is bi-weekly…we will be back April 22nd!!

March 22, 2017 10:59 PM PDT

MARCH MADNESS is in full affect and what better way to celebrate than have special Guest, Dedan Thomas joining the podcast! Dedan is a UNLV men's basketball alumni, during those crazy days of the running rebels of early 90s.

The ladies talk with him about college life in sin city, trying to stay off the strip, having a roommate like J.R. Rider and being coached by the legend Jerry Tarkanian. Also what he's doing these days, WestCoast basketball, WestCoast Rebels, Las Vegas Storm...the boys & girls basketball teams...of course we get into some March Madness...if anyone has a bracket left and who is still around to take it all!!!
Hot topic, turns the podcast to the discussion of LaVar Ball, as a parent, as "promoter" and how this is or isn't affecting sons, especially London Ball currently in the sweet 16 battle. And we hear Dedan's take as a father of 4 boys in the sports world.

Of course Melissa and Steph couldn't let a podcast go without some NFL updates, free agency had a few major announcements...oh and the wait could be over soon, Raiders to Las Vegas updates!!! And Marshawn in Black and Silver? A few NBA notable moments and stats and what about players getting a game off here and there for rest? We will give you our two cents...and of course some Melissa jokes! Lol

March 09, 2017 12:29 AM PST

The ladies are back from their first biweekly break! They are joined by guest Kris Londyn, singer/actress/sportsfan who joins talking Cowboys minus Romo, Warrior without KD, and how she got became a country singer and who is/was her inspiration. What is it like being a Warrious fan living in LA? What does a southern Belle with City Swag enjoy? Sports and living life! Ms. Londyn will also be seen on the upcoming Netflix series Dear White People at the end of April. Melissa explains the Pro's and PRO'S of watching the NFL Combine...hint...Arms...Bench Press...Vertial...Arms...Broad Jump...ARMS...we think you get the idea.
March Madness Selection Sunday is coming up, Spring Training continues and Tim Tebow continues to bomb...Listen in!!! Next Episode 3/22/17.


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